Info Games: opens an intense and challenging battle between meches controlled by real online players. Join this fun-addicting IO game right now to experience lots of challenges. Your mech is already armed with lots of strong weapons, like railgun, flak cannon, as well as a rocket launcher. You are supposed to make an excellent use of them to kill all rival meches before they take you out. There is a shield on your mech too, and it can be used in case you are unable to deal with the strikes of your opponents. The mech will be fully defended by that shield, so don’t be hesitant to use it. Keep showing no mercy to your rivals! Everybody is a risk to each other, and there is only one top spot on the leaderboard, and it must belong to you! Keep trying to kill more opponents, gain a bunch of points then you will be able to seize the top rank!

How to play

How to play:
Your mech can be moved around using keys WASD. Click LMB for shooting your foes, and you can use the shield by clicking the right mouse button. Switch your weapons with the mouse wheel scroll.

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