Info Games: is an amazing action and shooter multiplayer online game. It’s free for you to play with other people around the world! In the new environment, you will control a unique shark which has a powerful and deadly weapon. The mission is to help that fish become the strongest creature in the ocean. You need to complete various quests before you dominate the top spot on the leaderboard such as killing or evolving. Aside from that, you should pick up orbs on the seafloor to gain much more scores which are necessary for you to reach the higher level as well as develop gradually. The better evolutions will make your character sturdy and meaner. In, you are able to boost during laser charge to cancel it. Most importantly, you have to keep him safe from getting hit by other guys. Also, be aware of all of the enemies around you in order to dodge their attacks. Good luck!

How to play:
Press Spacebar to charge and shoot the laser, the left mouse to boost.

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