Info Klad.io Games:

Klad.io is a brutal shooter Io game in which you will control and help a man who is equipped with a gun containing unlimited ammo so that he can become the winner of the day. After you enter the arena, you have to fight and try to shoot down all of the enemies and defend yourself to survive. You can jump high very easy with the jetpack. It is also an advantage that you and the others can use to move to the place you want in the short time. Even, you are able to fly with that item. During the combat, the mini-map which is placed at the right bottom corner of the screen will show what is taking place. Take a look at this tool in case you want to know all happenings in Klad.io. Are you willing to give your gunner a hand? Let’s pick the character and the weapon that you love most to embark on the new battle from now on! Have much fun!

How to play:
Press WASD to move, right mouse to activate the jetpack, left mouse to shoot.

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