Info Kazap.io Games:

Kazap.io is a 2D shooter game in which you will fight against other online enemies to take over the universe. Control a spaceship and wander around the arena to find the opponent. Shoot them until they fall off and disappear. Collect energy orbs which are scattered across everywhere as many as possible to grow the power. Aside from that, your score will be increased, too. When you hit the size of 30, the playing field will be expanded. At the size of 60, you will see yourself on a minimap. If you take part in the alliance with friends, you are able to take down larger and stronger players in the short time. However, you also can test the own shooting or driving skills alone. Try to survive until you dominate! Look out the red ‘!’ symbols around the screen because they indicate that the enemy fire is coming! You can shred hits with your right rate of fire. Once you are bigger, use your visibility to choose your fights. Let’s enjoy and explore much more strategies now!

How to play:
Press arrows or WASD to move, X or K to shoot, Z or L to brake, Space or Shift to boost.

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