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Jukegame.io is another capture-the-flag game with iO style. With two awesome modes for your selection, like a deathmatch or a classic battle, you will be able to experience fantastic challenges. When you join a Deathmatch, you need to use your skills to carry the flag in 10 seconds so you can earn more points. When the flag commences right in the middle of the arena, you must quickly capture it faster to become the first Juker, which makes you a carrier. Do not die! Or else your flag will automatically return to the center. Also, you have to stay watchful for other Jukers as they will do whatever it takes to destroy you. The classic mode will give you different tasks and a great game style. You will team up with your friends to destroy the enemies and stop them from taking over your flag. Also, you and your teammates must defend your flag at the same time. At the end of the round in this mode, the team that has 3 points first will win! Good luck!

How to play Jukegame.io:

How to play:
Move your character using keys WASD or arrow keys. Tap key E to use super power, chat with your team by using key T, and press key Enter to chat

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