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If you are familiar with Tetris game, then take a chance to play a Tetris-inspired game called! Surely this awesome Multiplayer game will bring you lots of challenges. In the game, you are supposed to position the falling blocks that have your name on carefully and place them on a grid which will extend or decrease based on the current number of players in the entire arena. Clearing lines, storing up or even capturing more cells and tempting your enemies to make mistakes will be awesome tasks you have to fulfill in Infinitrisio game. Remember that your opponents are doing the same mission as you, so it’s better for you to stay watch for surroundings and try to beat them off. You need to try your hardest to gain a lot of scores then you will be able to reach the top of the leaderboard faster. Let’s give it a shot now! Have fun!

How to play

How to play:
Direct and rotate your blocks by using the arrow keys. You can place it down faster by pressing spacebar. Talk to other friends online using key Enter.

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