Info Hordes.io Games:

Hordes.io is a massively multiplayer online browser-based game for you to play without cost. You will take part in a brutal combat where you have to fight against a large number of the opponents including the opposing team and dangerous monsters. The main aim is to become the leader as soon as you can. You need to wipe out the enemy troop quickly if you want to conquer the highest position on the leaderboard. There are various classes that you can select before you start such as warrior, mage, and healer. Each of them will give you many different exciting abilities which are triggered during the challenge to support you in difficult situations. After you enter the arena set in a new 3D world, you will have the chance to check out the own fighting ability. Earn a lot of EXP and open up other hidden skills until you win. Once when are stronger, you can remove those who own the lower level easily. Let’s enjoy and reach the best spot!

How to play:
Press WASD to move, 1-4 to trigger special abilities. Use the mouse to move the camera, select the target and allies.

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