Info Hopz.io Games:

Hopz.io game is set in a new world where every player will be shown as something like eggs or bouncy balls with a small pair of eyes and a mouth. After typing the nickname and joining, your challenge starts immediately. The mission is to become the top player as soon as possible. To achieve the goal, you have to jump above other opponents to kill them with strong stomps. If you let the enemy do the same for you, you will die in an instant. So, you should attempt to dodge their assault and act quickly. Once you embark on Hopz.io, you can say that is is a competitive environment. There are not too many strategies for you to explore. However, there are some fancy moves that you are able to use because they help you get the effective jumps on the target. For example, simply walk back and keep away from those who jumping towards. Thus, they will not have the chance to move much when they are getting close to the floor. Let’s play and enjoy the battle!

How to play:
Use the arrow keys to move. Press Up twice in a row to double jump.

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