is one of the top shooting Io games that you can play online for free right now. You will be brought to a new difficult world where you will start with a small spaceship along with some weapons that you have selected before. If you want, you can switch them. Your own arsenal will be added and updated during the progress. After you enter the arena, you will have to move to avoid the assault of others. Next, you should find out the appropriate way to counterattack and hunt the opponent surrounding you. To become the player who possessing the highest position on the leaderboard of, you have to clear everybody on the map as fast as possible or they will kill you. So, a good strategy is very necessary when you are in danger. Let’s take part in the challenge and see if how long you will unlock the remaining upgrades! Have much fun!

How To Play About

Press WASD to move, E to upgrade the weapon, Shift to sprint. Use the mouse to aim and fire.