Info Games: is a free online multiplayer 2D shooter game. Once you spawn, you will realize that the style and graphics strongly bear a resemblance to the popular Diep io game. Firtslt, you choose the favorite tank before sending the own vehicle to the battlefield. In which, you have to try to survive and dominate. Use the weapon that you have so as to attack and destroy the enemy. Don’t forget to pupm your armored car! While you are moving around the map, you should earn experience, fill the bar in the upper left corner, defend yourself, collect the high point, improve the energy, and rank up. The goal is to climb to the top spot on the leaderboard as soon as possible. Are you willing to compete those quests? Let’s take part in the battle and show up your shooting skill to wipe out the opponent and conquer the final level right now! Good luck!

How to play:
Use WASD to move, the left and right mouse to shoot.

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