Info Games: is an addictive 2D browser-based strategy game which set in a strange land. It is a good place where is full of competition. However, you have to conquer it to build up the own territory. Now, you have a king. From the position that he is standing, you can deploy lots of soldiers who help you dominate the adjacent areas. Even, they will get ready to attack and defeat the neighbors. Not only that, you are able to expand and dominate the world if you figure out the best strategy. Don’t miss any detail or you can be attacked by weaker opponents in! make sure you have enough capability to defend your castle. By buying upgrades, you will make everything you have constructed become much stronger. It is also the important key to preventing the evil guys from invading and killing the general. There are still many hidden tactics. Let’s engage the battle and show your skill right now!

How to play:
Use the mouse or arrows or WASD to deploy the troop. Press spacebar to deselect, Q to clear queued moves, E to undo the last move.

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