Force Ship

Info Force Ship Games:

Take part in the combat in the new multiplayer video game, Force Ship, and check out your driving and shooting abilities without cost! The mission that you have to achieve if you want to become the winner of the day is to occupy the top spot on the leaderboard as long as possible. Before you climb up to that position, you need to remember that you are going to engage a brutal battle in which you must defeat all of the opponents and defend your own small starship to survive. Use the ammo and the weapon that your ship has in order to attack and make the target disappear. They are not as weak as you think, though. They also have the same objective, Thus, remove the enemy quickly to clear the way and reach the position that you wish. In case, you want to escape or hunt, you can speed up. Let’s play and explore the arena now!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move, left click to shoot, right click to boost.

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