Info Games: is a unique free-to-player multiplayer one browser-based game. It looks like the combination between and In the funny challenge that you are joining, you will control your character wisely to be the first person who taking over the leaderboard. Tyr to dominate the top spot as fast as possible to win! The first step that you need to do after being spawned on the map is to collect the food and use it to throw it to the other players. Be careful! You can be killed in the same. Don’t let your hand empty! Always hold something to be prepared fro the worst situation. If you beat the target and survive, you will get the high score. Just move around the world in, show up the own ability to attack and defend. It’s easy to eat and activate a temporary stat boost! To make the challenge more exciting, invite and share with your buddies from now on. Good luck!

How to play:
Hit arrows or WASD to move. Press left click to throw the food at the target. Hold right click to boost.

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