Info Duals.io Games:

Duals.io is an online multiplayer browser-based game for all ages. In the map that you are going to join includes a large number of the players coming from many different countries over the world. Visit a strange place and take part in a new challenge. It is not only an adventure but also a fierce battle in which you can find out a lot of powerful weapons. When you unlock the door, you will be able to check out the own shooting ability immediately. Grab the gun and move around the map to hunt the enemy. You will not have to fight against the opponent alone. But, there are plenty of teammates who often support and give you a hand so that you can escape from dangerous situations. To improve your power, you should open up boxes which including useful items. Not only that, the shop always launches upgrades and better equipment. Let’s enjoy and uncover secrets right now! Good luck!

How to play:
Move and rotate with the mouse. Hit the right mouse to open the shop. Use the mouse wheel or Z or X to switch the weapon, Enter to chat.

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