Info Driftin.io Games:

Driftin.io is a multiplayer online browser-based game. It’s available for you to play with a large number of other opponents at once! Spawn on the new map and you can embark on your job immediately. You are going to take part in a great racing in which your mission is to reach the goal area as fast as possible to be the champion. There are a lot of racers around you. They are also trying to reach the destination. Don’t allow them to do that by directing your special car skillfully and overtake all of then! Aside from that, you need to remember that they can crash into you to make your health decrease. Not only that, the walls are very dangerous. Try to avoid those obstacles to survive! After the race ends, you can upgrade the own stats including max HP, HP regen, weapon damage, reload speed or movement speed. Let’s begin and conquer the challenge right now!

How to play:
Use the mouse to race, Spacebar to activate the special ability, left click to boost.

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