Info Games: is an interesting online multiplayer game which looking like because you also control a cell, meet up with other strangers and see many viruses on the map. However, it will give you a little difference. After you enter the nickname, you will be able to show and check out your own ability. Firstly, you need to absorb all of the colored dots which are distributed across the new world randomly. They are the extremely useful food for everybody in grow in size or enlarge. in other words, your mass will increase once you eat those items. Not only that, you are allowed to swallow every smaller player as well as attack the split parts of bigger opponents in It means that you can bait giant enemies so that they can hit the green virus and explode. When this happens, you should get close and collect their limb. But, you must keep an eye on the people around or they can engorge both. Have fun!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move, W to eject some mass, E to activate power-ups.

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