Info Games: is set in a dangerous place where a brutal combat is happening. You will take on the role of one of the pirates, who controlling a small ship on a strange sea. Similar to other Io games, you need to survive and win at all costs until the challenge ends. You should direct the own ship skillfully around the map so as to launch the projectiles at the enemy accurately. Try to act as fast as possible before they destroy you! With the powerful cannon and the infinite ammo that you are equipped, you are able to remove the target in Everything will belong to you shooting ability. The number of the slain opponents you have gotten helps you earn more money which is utilized to spend on better upgrades and weapons. Not only that, orbs you have absorbed will improve the speed. What you gain is very useful to beat the others and dominate the world quicker. Let’s play and check your adventure!

How to play:
Hit arrows or WASD to move, Spacebar or left click to speed up.

Rating game:

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