Info Games: is one of the cool multiplayer online Io games that you can play against a lot of players on the same map. It looks like because you also take control of a snake. However, it will bring to you many remarkable differences. You will be only able to move in four directions. So, you can’t go through your body if you don’t have any appropriate power-up. In the, you will soon find other opponents soon. And it becomes an exciting arena quickly. In which, you need to fight and survive to dominate the leaderboard. If there are too many competitors, the environment will be expanded. Also, the more new items will get created. After you jump into the new world, you should eat blocks to get bigger and longer. The white shapes are the source where you can collect lots of useful objects. There are some keys that you’d better know including taking out someone who is larger than you, join the one that you can’t beat them, and team up with another to destroy the foe. Good luck!

How to play:
Use the arrow keys to move around the map. Press Z for the map view.

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