multiplayer online game is an awesome undersea adventure. Play and explore the world filled with new creatures and challenge for free! Take on the role of a tiny fish and work your way skillfully in order to become the strongest character. Everything that you see on the screen is set in a strange ocean in which you have many objectives to implement. Firstly, you need to collect as much food as possible to grow in size and fill the own XP bar located at the bottom of the screen. When it reaches the required standard, your character will change into another form immediately. In the, you’d better pay attention to the oxygen meter. Don’t let it run out or you can’t survive anymore! Some animals are allowed to fly above the water to breathe. Besides, keep an eye on bigger ones or they will eat you in a wink. Let’s explore your journey, evolve and dominate the territory!

How To Play About

Use the mouse to move, Spacebar to boost.

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