Info Games: is a great new multiplayer online Io game for all ages to play free from now on. You will not experience the challenge alone. But, you are going to join in a big community in which you have to attempt to build up the own territory in the shortest time. After you spawn, you will be brought to a large map which is filled with editable pixel arts. And you should find a place to embark on your job. Try to show your creativity in the form of squares and dominate the land that you have selected! Hurry up! You need to push the opponent back quickly or they will block your progress. In, becoming the best painter is not an easy task. You are supplied some effective items like a paintbrush, a navigation or camera tool, along with a color picker. Aside from that, there are about 256 colors that you are able to possess. Just choose between objects in the top left of the screen and begin to show your skill!

How to play:
Use the left mouse to create, right mouse to erase.

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