Info Games: is a popular team-based game with an IO style! You will meet a lot of online opponents from around the world and have to work with them to unravel all tough puzzles through plenty of levels. The game lets the players make some great teamwork when putting them in tricky mazes filled with obstacles. Everybody’s goal is to move through the mazes and try to get to the exit door which will take them to the next level. However, one can never succeed in obtaining this goal without the assistance of others. Sometimes you need to help others pass the maze, and there will be the new players that help you back. No need to worry about the rank here since the game doesn’t have a competitive play. Your main objective is to explore all mazes and levels in the game! Are you up for this challenge? Let’s give this Multiplayer game a try!

How to play

How to play:
Go through the mazes, help your teammates, unravel all riddles by using the mouse only.

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