Info Games: is an exciting brand new Io game. In which, you will take part in a space combat. Fight, survive, rank up, and dominate the leaderboard. Firstly, you need to choose the sensible shape of the ship that you like most such as Classic, Destroyer, Sniper. Each class will bring to you different abilities. After that, enter the nickname and spawn. Wander around the environment which is surrounded by dangerous borders. Keep away from them if you want to survive. Be afraid of the Boss because he is very strong and aggressive! Aside from that, you also have to protect your life by avoiding shooting bigger players or they will be able to kill you in an instant. In the, you should collect all of the power-ups which only appear at random throughout the map. Once you have enough mass and power, you can attack and destroy weaker targets. Good luck!

How to play:
Use the mouse to control your ship. Press the left mouse to shoot.

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