Info Celestia.io Games:

Celestia.io multiplayer online game looks like Agar.io. It’s free for you to play against lots of enemies on the same map at once! You will take control of a circular celestial life-form in an interesting race. The main aim is to be the largest creature as soon as possible. When you enter the new world, you need to find food. Eat all of the stars that you see on the screen to grow in size or enlarge. if you want to aid, you can use and activate boost, which allows you to move faster. Also, you are able to fire red stars at the hostile one wandering around the universe. But, they can be flung in your direction by the other players. If those items collide into you, you will lose the force. The glow surrounding your body will make you survive. If you run out of the power, everything you achieve in the combat will explode in a spectacular supernova. And the remains you leave is the tasty dinner for everybody. Good luck!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move, left click to fire red stars, Spacebar or right click to boost.

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