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Join game and take this chance to perform your excellent racing skills now! In this Multiplayer Racing game, you need to take control of a car and go fire all other rival cars that move around the arena as well. They are aggressive players just like you, so if you don’t kill them first, it will be a higher chance for you to become their victim. Hence, you have to stay focused on the battle and quickly shoot down your opponents as fast as possible. The more rivals you kill, the more experiences you will gain. With a bunch of impediments around the arena, you should use your tactics to divert the opponent cars into them, then use your skills to pass all of them for your survival. The game goal is to survive longer and make your car the best one of all! With an exclusive mountain-themed background, surely this iO game will keep you entertained for hours.

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How to play:
Use keys WASD to direct your car around the arena. Shoot at enemies with left mouse button, and you can use the mouse for aiming.

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