is an awesome RPG multiplayer online Io game. Enter the new map and you will have the occasion to fight against farm monsters. Select the class and the team color that you like most to start the challenge. Each of them will offer many unique skills and weapon. It’s pretty simple to master the way to play. You need to hack and slash through all of the enemies in your way. After they fall, you will be able to collect gold coins and use them to unlock or purchase other better items in the shop. In the, you can find some bosses who are running around. They are not friendly at all. You can see them easily because they have the different appearance from the remaining creatures. The main aim of you in this combat is to capture as many castles as possible and defend them while trying to clear the opponents. Can you finish your job and become the winner? Have much fun!

How To Play About

Use WASD or arrows to move, left click or Spacebar to attack.