Info Games: is a cool and addictive 2D multiplayer online strategy game. You are placed in a new map along with multiple opponents coming from other countries in the world. You have to find the best way to take over the location as fast as possible. To achieve the goal, you need to defend the most important base, build up a very powerful troop including various units, and expand as much as possible. At the beginning of, you will be offered a limited amount of space to embark on the first construction. There are seven types of the buildings such as walls, generators, houses, snipers, barracks, armories, and turrets. Choose the stuff that you like most and set them around the General. Upgrades are the essential objects that you can utilize to make your army better. Like other strategy games, you should figure out the most suitable tactics when you engage the battle. Let’s play and dominate areas now!

How to play:
Use WASD or arrows to navigate the camera, R to reset camera, the mouse to build the army.

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