Info Games: is a fantastic multiplayer online survival game inspired by the popular game. However, you will control a piece jigsaw instead of a cell although the basics are still the same. Also, aside from the colored dots, you are able to see a large number of power-ups scattered across the environment. Magneto, Teleport, Slower, Slash, Speedo, Invisible or Pusher are the unique items which can be used every 15 seconds while you are playing. The mission that you need to do right from the starting is to try to collect the most blob mass quickly as well as earn the highest score so as to take over the top spot on the leaderboard. After you spawn in, you should eat pellets to grow in size. When you are strong enough, you can chase and absorb smaller players to enlarge faster. Like the original, you are allowed to split the character into several parts or eject some mass if necessary. There are plenty of dangerous spikes. Don’t run into them if you are larger or you will be exploded!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move, Space to split, E to eject some mass.

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