Info Games: is an amazing 3D version of You will have the chance to explore a completely new world with your blob instead of a cell. The mission that you need to do is to become the top player. Dominate the leaderboard and stay at the highest position as long as possible. At the beginning, you can roam around the map and eat all of the dots to enlarge. However, they are not the only food source. When you are big enough, you can chase and attack smaller players. Be careful! Remember to pay attention to everything happening around you to escape the attack of larger opponents. They can swallow your mass without difficulty if you don’t know how to run away. In, you should split your body properly. The divided parts will help you capture the prey easier as well as move faster. With the good strategy, you can eliminate the stronger foe. Are you ready to take part in the adventure and survive until you achieve the objective? Good luck!

How to play:
Use the mouse to move, Spacebar to split your blob.

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