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Prepare your strategies for a new naval combat in a great iO game named! When you first spawn into the arena, you instantly start directing your ship carefully around in order to fire the enemy ships. They are risks to you, and if you no kill them fast, you will be fought off. Since this is a fierce battle, all things shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially the way you attack your enemies. You are recommended to have nice tactics ready for dealing with the sudden dangers, and you must gain as many kills as possible so you can develop your points, which gradually takes you to the highest position on the leaderboard. Always leave your ship well-protected, and it can be healed automatically if it doesn’t take any damage. You aim to stay alive longer, get rid of all the foes, take over the supremacy then you can rule the entire arena. Have fun!

How to play

How to play:
Your ship’s movement can be directed by using the right mouse button. Fire all enemies with left mouse button. For those who play the game on their mobile devices, you can shoot by tapping the screen, and move your ship by swiping.

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