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There are two awesome game modes that you can choose to play in – a new challenging iO game online with plenty of challenges to conquer. You will select your favorite mode before jumping into the battle. In HQ Destruction, you will become a member of either red team or blue them, and your main task is to kill all opponent HQ by launching the big sea mine towards their base. Also, make a good use of torpedoes to destroy your rivals then snatch up a bunch of chests. For the task in deathmatch mode, you are supposed to kill the opponent ships before time runs out. To do so, you must work with your teammates, and always stay watchful for incoming bullets of your rivals. Whichever mode you choose, make sure that you will try your hardest to stay alive longer, touch the final glory and become the ultimate winner!

How to play

How to play:
Keys WASD are used for controlling your battleboat. You can use the special weapon by pressing spacebar or just clicking the button in the bottom right corner.

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