Info Games: is a new free-to-play multiplayer online shooter game in the Io style. It’s available for you to explore and check out the own shooting ability! The first step that you need to do before you take part in the challenge is to select the favorite color, weapon, and armor. Each of them will give you different cons and pros. After that, you are able to be prepared for the deadly combat. In which, you have to fight against a large number of enemies. The main aim is to become the top winner on the leaderboard of as soon as possible. To complete the target, you’d better remove all of the opponents on the world map quickly. Also, try to defend yourself from their assault for survival! in addition to this, you may prefer to take accurate shots. In case you are in danger, you can use the walls or other objects to hide until you get ready to counterattack. Let’s experience the battle and test every gun now!

How to play:
Use WASD to move, left click to shoot.

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