Info Games: is a fun and interesting brand new Io game. It is set in the new outer space in which there is a survival combat taking place. You have the chance to battle with up to 100 people on the same map with a large number of stations and asteroids. If you destroy those small planets, you will be able to earn valuable resources such as gold. And they help you improve the own spaceship quickly. Aside from that, you should not forget to capture places you see throughout the outer space world. has the exciting gameplay which is considered as the combination between planetoids and capturing the flag. So, it promises to bring to you a lot of joy. If you want, you can team up with other friends to create a coalition. That is useful because you and teammates will defeat the stronger opponents easier. Let’s experience and see if how long you will dominate the top spot!

How to play:
Use left click or Shift to fire blaster, right click or Space for the main engines, WASD or arrow keys to move.

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