is a new Io game for you to play online free against a lot of opponents. Control a spaceship and fight against the others to take over the leaderboard. To become the winner, you have to defeat all of the enemies as well as survive for a long time. Indeed, it a fierce and brutal combat in which you should show up your abilities to defend and attack. After you spawn in space, you will be able to see a lot of big asteroids. If you destroy them, you can collect plenty of points, resources and make exciting upgrades. However, you’d better keep away from these obstacles. Don’t crash into any planet or the own aircraft will be damaged! will offer many useful special abilities. You can activate them if necessary. Everything is ready for you experience. Let’s start and dominate the battlefield as fast as possible! Have much fun!

How To Play About

Use WASD or arrows to move, the mouse to aim and shoot. Hold the right mouse to activate special abilities.