Info Games: is a cool 2D Shooter game online giving you a lot of challenges to conquer. The game puts you in a vast arena with many opponents to battle against. You need to choose a set of skills first before spawning into the arena. When you’re ready for the fight, you need to instantly direct your block around the map then go fire all red orbs or your opponents before they take you out. You are supposed to aim for a nice angle then launch your shots towards the targets. Keep in mind that you can utilize one skill more than once. Do not touch the red orbs that are wandering around the arena. They will kill you gradually if you keep getting closer to them. When you destroy those orbs, your skills and health will be buffed, which brings you more strength to survive. Your main objective is to take over the highest rank on the leaderboard! Have fun!

How to play

How to play:
Control your block around using keys WASD. Fire normal bullets with LMB, use your selected skill with RMB or spacebar. Change your skills by using keys 1-4 or the mouse wheel.

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