is a funny and thrilling multiplayer online game similar to At the start, you are able to select one of the three available animals to play. They are formed in the cube. And you need to navigate your own character carefully so that you can eat all of the apples and meat which are scattered across the vast map. The food that you swallow will help you grow in size. When you are big enough, you should hunt smaller players. Remember to keep an eye on bigger opponents and escape their chase as fast as possible for survival! The main aim that you have to do in is to become the top winner of the say. Gain the highest mass and you will dominate the leaderboard easily. While you are moving, you’d better avoid running into mushrooms because they can break your block. Most importantly, your split body will be the delicious dinner for everyone. But, they are not all bad if you know how to use them as traps. Good luck!

How To Play About

Use WASD to move, Spacebar to boost.