Playing online must be very fun and wonderful! Did you give yourself a try with this amazing Multiplayer game? If not, you need to join it now and begin your challenges. Your main objective is to take control of your small cell and move around the game map in order to search for food. Once you see them, you need to swallow them as much as you can in order to develop your size. When you grow up, you can begin to chase and eat other players so that you can become bigger more quickly. But if you are still a small one, you need to stay alert to the giant blobs, because they can eat you up whenever they get close to you. Your goal is to become the biggest cell on the leaderboard and rule the game arena. In addition, you can split your cell into many pieces and throw out your mass if you want. Alright, let’s enjoy the game now and see how long you can last!

How To Play About

Use the mouse to move your cell
Press spacebar to divide it, key W to throw out some mass