Try playing a fun web-browser free for all game called! The game features both snake and block elements, also, it takes inspiration from and, promising to you give more fun. You become a little snake making your way through a dangerous map full of the scattered circles. Try your hardest to collect them, which helps build your size easily. You should become a larger snake then utilize your big body to kill other snakes before you get eliminated. Being a big snake is so cool! You can freely use the dash ability to speed up whenever you want to catch a target or dash away from the threats behind you. However, this ability will be run out, so you have to smash more colored blocks on the map to recharge it. Try to keep yourself alive for as long as possible then go vanquish the entire arena. Jump into the action now! Have fun with it!

How To Play About

Control your snake using the mouse, click the left mouse button to speed up.