2 2 official game is finally out in browsers! Come to try this second chapter of game for more enchanting challenges. Just like the original first installment, in this second edition, you also have to use your excellent capturing skill to capture as much territory as possible. By capturing them, you will steadily build up a big kingdom for yourself. Since 2 unblocked is still multiplayer, it’s unavoidable to come across enemy papers controlled by real other human players. You should prepare some plans to keep your kingdom safe from the enemy attacks, especially your tail when wandering around the map to find more space. If you let someone hit it, you will meet a sticky end for sure. Vice versa, if you hit somebody, he/she will be eliminated and you can take their territories. Can you claim the largest territory in 2 game?

How To Play About 2

Control the movement of your character using arrow keys or WASD.

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