LumberJack Simulator

In LumberJack Simulator, you become a woodcutter whose job is to hit a tree, chop it down and deplete its health until you get some wood. You will compete against other opponent woodcutters who are doing the same job. Once you have earned enough wood from cutting down threes, you can start selling it in the shop to get some money. Then, you use this money to purchase brand new axes which help better your performance. You will also get some XP from cutting trees. If somebody is trying to plunder your tree, partake in the combat to finish him off using your axe and make sure you heal your HP with the food you have collected. Prepare some strategies in advance! You may need them a lot during the course of the game to get an upper hand on your opponents. Can you conquer enemies and become the best woodcutter in LumberJack Simulator? Play then try to achieve the goal!


How To Play About LumberJack Simulator

Move with WASD, use the left mouse to hit the tree with your axe.