Play HiveSweeper a new iO game and grow your hive as fast as possible before you dominate the top spot! It is an exciting puzzle which is free for all to enjoy online. In which, you will meet up with many strong rivals from around the world. They are characters that have the same goal. So, it will quickly become a competitive multiplayer match. You’d better complete your mission first to overtake them and rule.

HiveSweeper is a strategy title unblocked and kids can experience at school or at home without difficulty. It owns unique gameplay and interesting features. To take over the ranking, you need to claim the largest territory. Aside from safe tiles, you can occupy trap ones. But, you should perform your action carefully. If you make a mistake or use up blocks, you will be kicked out. Interact with the highlighted area next to your base to capture it! Good luck!

How To Play About HiveSweeper

Use the mouse to direct, LMB to occupy safe tiles, RMB to take trap ones