You are about to ride an immense dragon in Drakes.io unblocked to go fight against new rivals across the globe. There are many io games about animals and creatures fighting against each other, but Drakes.io can be the unique one that is addicting to play. You dragon in Drakes.io multiplayer game starts off small, but when you let it burn down some objects on the map, its size will be increased. By doing this, your dragon gradually becomes the larger one that is strong enough to take on other enemy dragons. You should do your best to finish them all, at the same time, quickly avoid their fire as this will burn you and wipe you out of the arena. The goal for you in Drakes.io is to become the best dragon! You can try out new awesome random dragon skins too! Let’s give it a shot and earn yourself much fun with it!

How To Play About Drakes.io

Your dragon’s movement will be controlled by your mouse.