is a game like The game drops you into an underwater world where you become a hostile angler fish queen that wants to eat many dispersed foods to build a big fish army. You need to eat everything standing in your pathway, keep making your army larger through over time, and when you are ready, jump into a clash against other fish queens who also have big fish armies. Keep in mind that you only launch attacks to them when you know you can outplay them, otherwise, they can defeat your army and eat it up, causing your adventure to come to an end. You can even combine discrepant fish types to create stronger variants for a better chance of finishing off others. In, you have to survive until you can establish your supremacy in this deep ocean. Are you ready for this adventure? Come to play it now!

How To Play About

Use the left mouse to assault the enemies, click the right mouse to merge your fish, hold to eat, and use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom.