Can you throw a hammer at enemies to kill them all in a super fun io game called unblocked? In this title, you will compete against enemies from around the world, and try your best to achieve a goal which is to top the leaderboard. Being armed with a hammer – the main weapon you have in game, you should use it smartly to inflict damage to other rivals. When you catch sight of someone passing by your place, aim then throw the hammer at that person quickly to slay him before he gets away from you. Then, you will summon the hammer for more enemy confrontations waiting for you ahead. Through over time, make sure you upgrade your stats as well as improve the strength of your hammer to make yourself more powerful. The more kills you accumulate, the higher the chance you win! How long can you survive? Will you be able to become the most feared thrower in this crazy io game?

How To Play About

Move with arrow keys or WASD. Sprint with spacebar or key Shift, throw the weapon with the left mouse, and recall it with the right mouse.