Dinoman.io is a super fantastic and great classic Arcade style Upgrades game set in a huge mage where you have to control a little cute dinosaur skillfully to eat up all the tasty foods for earning points. The game is very similar to the famous Pacman game in terms of gameplay, however, it will bring you a new experience. When you make your way through the maze, you must stay away from the ghosts that are chasing you down. Do whatever it takes to escape them before they catch you and eat you up. If you don’t want to play as the dinosaur anymore, you can choose to become the ghost, and this time, your objective is to go capture the dinosaur by getting it trapped in corners or narrow spaces. The game features two objectives and depending on the role you take, you will have to complete your it to become the winner. Are you excited about this adventure? Play then conquer it now!


How To Play About dinoman.io

To walk around the maze, use the left mouse. To sprint, use the right mouse. Press spacebar or key Shift to disguise as a tree.