In a competitive bow-and-arrow io game called unblocked, you have to fight for the champion title. multiplayer game is set in the Dark Ages and all contenders will dress up as ancient archers. They have to get ready for an epic battle awaiting them ahead. You will experience 15 rounds in total facing off against many opponents from around the world. You need to utilize your bow with arrows to destroy all other 15 rivals in a round and give them no chances to shoot you back. It will be a game over for you instantly if you let them. As you collect wins, more titles of honor and notoriety will be unlocked for you. Similar to other Battle Royale multiplayer io games, in this title, you have to triumph over all of your opponents, which is your main objective. Come to try it now and express your bow-and-arrow skill!

How To Play About

Use the spacebar to aim at enemies, and shoot arrows by releasing the spacebar.