Have your strategies and skills ready for conquering another survival 2D shooter game! It’s called – a top-down shooter game with the Battle Royale concept. The most outstanding thing about this free-for-all IO game is that it’s taken in deeper outer space with many mysterious locations to explore. Before you jump into action, you can choose your start location on the map, and make sure that it is the best place for you to get an upper hand on enemies. You should go pick more other weapons that are way stronger than your current pistol. You can’t kill the tough rivals with just that pistol, for that reason, you must search for more and use them to your advantage. Keep an eye on the surroundings and make sure your skills are always ready to cope with the dangers around you. Fighting for a chance of becoming the last man standing in this Battle Royale game is not easy at all, but that’s what you must do! Good luck to you!

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How To Play About

Move your character using WASD. Click the left/right mouse to fire, use number keys for changing the weapons.