YoHoHo.io is an amusing shooting game inspired by a familiar style from Moomoo.io. Enjoy the Free For All mode along with multiple foes throughout the real world and eliminate as many as possible to become the top player. You and other pirates will be marooned on a distant tropical island. After you press the button to engage in YoHoHo.io, you must evade every dangerous hit for survival. Or, you are able to attack your opponents first. Each character will be equipped with a wooden sword. So, you cannot easily win against stronger antagonists who own better tools. While you are moving around the map in YoHoHo.io, you should not ignore doubloons. Gather them to get bigger. Besides, killing somebody will make him leave his booty. You are recommended to loot that resource. When you stay alive and grow, you will level up and unlock more battlegrounds with models. Good luck!

How To Play About YoHoHo.io

Use the mouse or WASD or Arrows to move, Left mouse or Space to attack Hold Left mouse or Space bar longer to make a special dash attack