Info VOOS.IO Games:

VOOS.IO is a 2D Shooter game in which you become a mafia whose mission is to go shoot down all the targets using powerful guns. When you spawn in the map, you must go hunt down your opponents and quickly finish them off before they get away from you. You are armed with many fierce weapons, and you know what that means? You must make the most use of them to keep dishing out a huge amount of damage to your targets, at the same time, be sure to defend yourself from soaking damage dealt by the rivals. Don’t forget to use those weapons to destroy many buildings either, as this will give you a lot of money, then you can spend the earned money on brand new mafia fighters. The game features 24 mafia fighters with different characteristics. You should unlock all of them and use them to kill the rivals more easily. Can you become the most dangerous mafia? Play it now!

How to play:
Use the mouse to shoot, WASD to move and keys 1-9 to purchase mafia fighters.

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