KRUNT.IO is a new survival game you should try and perform your excellent skills. You will step into a dangerous world of this 2D Shooter IO game filled with enemies. You have to do whatever you can for your survival as well as for slaying other players. Since you are unarmed, it’s very important for you to select equipment as well as weapons from the ground. They are all great items that will help you in this battle, so make sure you make the most out of them for dealing damage to every single enemy that you spot. In addition, you can jump into a vehicle to move around the map faster, use cover to defend yourself from harm and be sure to avoid getting damaged by the rivals. All you have to do is to survive until the end of the match in this world of and turn yourself into the best player of all.


How To Play About KRUNT.IO

Utilize arrow keys or WASD for the movement, build things with key Q, open the map with key M, reload your guns with key R, press the spacebar to jump, key Shift to run, keys 1-6 to change weapons and use the left mouse to fire.