Gun Battle

Feel free to engage in a great 2D Shooter Strategy Arcade-style game called Gun Battle and have your shooting skill ready! The game features multiple modes to play as well as lots of ways for improving your character. You take control of a cunning shooter around the map to shoot down many rivals standing in your way. For each kill you gain, you will be given a certain amount of coins which can be used to unlock brand new skins in the shop. You’d better keep in mind that the enemies are so malicious, so show them no mercy and wipe them out as fast as possible before they eliminate you. As you gather more kills, your level will be higher, gradually taking you to the top of the leaderboard, and more maps with further stronger weapons will be unlocked. Never stop grinding until you become the best shooter in the arena. Give it a shot then see if you can conquer the game or not! Good luck!

How To Play About Gun Battle

Move around the arena using WASD or arrow keys. Click the mouse to fire.